Thursday, December 27, 2012

World of Art Showcase, Las Vegas

 I was lucky to be invited to the show, one of the most prestigious representational art show, and be right next to Daniel Greene, master of masters, during the show. We talked a lot about art and philosophy of the modern representational art. Few years ago, I bought his instructional DVD, oil portrait, and learned a lot from his technique about oil portrait. I didn't take his classes, but when I saw him at the show, I felt like I was seeing my art teacher. Everybody knows he is one of the top artists, but he is humble and gentle. I was happy with his compliment for my paintings.

 Another master artist, Max Ginsburg. Some years ago, I saw his demonstration when I was in New York. He was displaying his fine art paintings as well as illustration originals at the show. He insisted that the artist should put some meanings in their artworks. He tries to tell with his art what he has in his mind about the dark sides of our society .
I saw his demonstration of oil portraits at the show. He didn't use mahl stick when he was finalizing some detailed parts. As I asked him why he doesn't use it, he said that he doesn't try to use the tools as whenever he doesn't need them. I didn't agree with his opinion about the tools because the mahl stick is very important tool for me while painting detailed parts. While the show going on, he kept me laughing with his good sense of humor.

 The convention center where the art show was held. Nelson Shanks booth is seen.
 My wife, Helena, was taking a rest for a while at the convention center lobby.
 At the scenic view right before entering Las Vegas.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oil Painters of America Plein air trip

Today was so cloudy that I could see dramatic lights, but I didn't need to be pressed by fast light change.
Every artist did a great job. Some artists look very familiar with me. Maybe there were famous artists.
The OPA chairman, Neil Patterson, was painting next to me, but I didn't recognize who he was before we talked.
One more thing I was excited about was meeting John Michael Carter, the OPA director, who I really like and Lori Woodward, a famous Fine Art View writer. Every artists were friendly and nice to each other.
I saw very lovely puppies, two English Springer Spaniels. One puppy kept coming to me as if he knew I really like them.

OPA chairman, Neil Patterson and me

Michael John Carter, OPA director and me

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fire fighter, Mic

When I was in New York, I was not happy when it rained, but here in New Mexico, rain is one of the most important resources for everybody including animals and natures because New Mexico is too dry before the Monsoon seasons come.
Few weeks ago, I took a trip with my wife and my son, Calvin, to Jemez mountain to paint and take photos. I saw that a lot of the mountain was covered with black charcoal caused by wildfire. In New Mexico, camp fire and using fire related equipment has been banned in the mountain because of potential fire hazards.
The model, Mic, a fire fighter, came to Santa Fe from Montana to help New Mexican fire fighters.
He likes art, especially Southwest arts because his girlfriend paints landscapes.
I painted him for a little over two hours. He looks unique and is a quiet young gentle man.
I spent most of time to see the reflected colors on the shadow sides with reddish background.
It is always exciting and a challenge to paint from life.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pink Adobe Santa Fe

Pink Adobe, restaurant and bar, is located one block away from my studio. Every morning and evening, I pass by the restaurant, always crowded with tourists for dinner and wine. I don't know how beautiful it is whenever I see. I painted the winter scenery last winter covered in snow. Now it is arched with green leaves at the entrance. I was painting in the street across the restaurant with my dog, Leo and the receptionist ladies were so nice to provide Leo with water and made me happy with nice comments of my painting.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

Beauty & the beast

Leo and Joy came to my studio and are playing rough. You can tell how friendly Leo is to Joy.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grand Canyon plein air trip

My son, Calvin, flew to New York to go back to his school.
Me, my wife Helena, Genna, and our two dogs arrived at the Grand Canyon at a cloudy afternoon.
It is always breath-taking to see the grandeur view of the canyon whenever I come. This was my second time here.
Because there was an overcast, I was expecting that the finished painting to look a bit flat.
I was longing for the bright sun light come out of the wide and thin clouds, but the sun never showed up for more than second or two. 
However, it is always thrilling to be there, the mother land of the Native Americans.
All of sudden, I recalled my native friend, Sky Red Hawk, and what he said in his language, "Happy Journey", and holding my arm.

While painting, My son, Calvin, my daughter, Genna, were spending time at the beach.
I was sorry for them so I was hurried to finish painting.
I went to Laguna for the first time. It was so beautiful and looks reach with beautiful light.
The air was so wet compared to Santa Fe, a dry desert area.
It was perfect for painting an aerial atmosphere.

My dog is waiting for me so he can go jump to the beach and hang out the other female dogs. Thanks, Leo

Laguna Plein air trip

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mountain man 2
30'x24" oil on canvas

Most of the scene was in the shade so I had to carefully control the subtle color temperatures and values. I was focusing on capturing this mountain man's relaxed posture and facial expression.

I just simple started even though the subject is very complicated.

I started it from the basic shape and simple values.

For the most important part, matching value of the figure' head and background was being colored.

Finishing the first session, the canvas and pallet were moisturised with water spray so I can keep the wet and wet technique next day. Earth colors such as umber dry very quickly, even overnight.

I added the small tree next the big tree trunk because the big tree and model's knee are at the same angle. Only the refined parts and completed objects were left for completion.

Winter Beauty of Santa Fe 5
20'x16" oil on canvas

Sky High,
30'x40" oil on canvas

Before I came to Santa Fe, I never knew Santa Fe has this beautiful aspen trees that I really loved.
Looking up the aspen trees that peek to the sky, I feel all of my worrisome and all kinds of burden on my shoulder would disappear right away.
This subject consisted of three parts, the sky, tree trunks and the leaves.
The aspen trees had bright white colors so I had to be careful to control the value to match with other planes. Particularly, when the white trunks are in the shade. Please look carefullly at each values.
It looks simple, but it was difficult to handle the values and temperatures.
Simple sketch of the basic oblects.
Look at the limited colors.
The tree branches are very complicated to paint. I reorganized them and used the technique of tree caligraphy.