Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fire fighter, Mic

When I was in New York, I was not happy when it rained, but here in New Mexico, rain is one of the most important resources for everybody including animals and natures because New Mexico is too dry before the Monsoon seasons come.
Few weeks ago, I took a trip with my wife and my son, Calvin, to Jemez mountain to paint and take photos. I saw that a lot of the mountain was covered with black charcoal caused by wildfire. In New Mexico, camp fire and using fire related equipment has been banned in the mountain because of potential fire hazards.
The model, Mic, a fire fighter, came to Santa Fe from Montana to help New Mexican fire fighters.
He likes art, especially Southwest arts because his girlfriend paints landscapes.
I painted him for a little over two hours. He looks unique and is a quiet young gentle man.
I spent most of time to see the reflected colors on the shadow sides with reddish background.
It is always exciting and a challenge to paint from life.

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