Thursday, December 27, 2012

World of Art Showcase, Las Vegas

 I was lucky to be invited to the show, one of the most prestigious representational art show, and be right next to Daniel Greene, master of masters, during the show. We talked a lot about art and philosophy of the modern representational art. Few years ago, I bought his instructional DVD, oil portrait, and learned a lot from his technique about oil portrait. I didn't take his classes, but when I saw him at the show, I felt like I was seeing my art teacher. Everybody knows he is one of the top artists, but he is humble and gentle. I was happy with his compliment for my paintings.

 Another master artist, Max Ginsburg. Some years ago, I saw his demonstration when I was in New York. He was displaying his fine art paintings as well as illustration originals at the show. He insisted that the artist should put some meanings in their artworks. He tries to tell with his art what he has in his mind about the dark sides of our society .
I saw his demonstration of oil portraits at the show. He didn't use mahl stick when he was finalizing some detailed parts. As I asked him why he doesn't use it, he said that he doesn't try to use the tools as whenever he doesn't need them. I didn't agree with his opinion about the tools because the mahl stick is very important tool for me while painting detailed parts. While the show going on, he kept me laughing with his good sense of humor.

 The convention center where the art show was held. Nelson Shanks booth is seen.
 My wife, Helena, was taking a rest for a while at the convention center lobby.
 At the scenic view right before entering Las Vegas.

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