Monday, January 14, 2013

Believing the great spirit, my good friend, Sky Red Hawk

 Close-up face, you can see the brush strokes and detailed flesh tones with values and shadow temperatures.
                                                  24"x 30" oil on canvas

I started to paint the face by paying attention to the values and temperatures of his sculptural shape.
The photo shooting was done under a very strong sun light in front of my studio so the light catching parts were bleached and the shadow and shade areas were almost black out that I purposely lightened the values and the temperatures of the areas. Not like opaque sculpture, some parts of the human face, especially the ears, are semi-transparent. It is more influenced by strong light source.
See his ear and nostrils on his right.

The canvas, clear-medium texture linen was washed with diluted paints in the the same manner as watercolors and I sketched with rows of monotone umber.