Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sky High,
30'x40" oil on canvas

Before I came to Santa Fe, I never knew Santa Fe has this beautiful aspen trees that I really loved.
Looking up the aspen trees that peek to the sky, I feel all of my worrisome and all kinds of burden on my shoulder would disappear right away.
This subject consisted of three parts, the sky, tree trunks and the leaves.
The aspen trees had bright white colors so I had to be careful to control the value to match with other planes. Particularly, when the white trunks are in the shade. Please look carefullly at each values.
It looks simple, but it was difficult to handle the values and temperatures.
Simple sketch of the basic oblects.
Look at the limited colors.
The tree branches are very complicated to paint. I reorganized them and used the technique of tree caligraphy.

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