Friday, February 8, 2013

Portrait of Laura's family

Laura, a psychologist, visited my gallery with her husband last year to take part in the medical conference in Santa Fe and saw my paintings, Art in Art series and came up with the idea of a family portrait at the American museum of Natural history in New York, her favorite museum.
We discussed several things such as the location at the museum, what to wear, how to pose and time, etc,  for a beautiful family portrait and scheduled a photo shooting at the museum.
A few weeks later, I traveled to New York. We met at the museum before noon. The photo shooting was difficult because the museum was so crowded with people and the security guys kept warning them not to sit there and the light was not bright enough to get good shots and the baby kept moving. On top of that, people were passing in front of my camera. I swept a lot to take photos but I managed to get several good shots and made this successful portrait.
They are going to move to a beautiful new house soon and will hang this portrait.
Final, oil on canvas, 30"x40"
Stage 1,
Tonal drawing with raw umber on the primed canvas with earth toned gray colors.
I made a careful consideration about the composition, scale of the subjects and the background and each model's likeness and gestures.

Stage 2,
I initialized the bright and colorful background shined with morning light from the high windows of the museum.

Stage 3,
The skeleton of the dinosaur in front of the background was being completed. 

Stage 4,
I stepped forward to get their likeness with careful modeling.
The models were under the soft lighting and a little dark condition in front of the bright background.
I paid attention to match the values and temperatures and I really tried to capture the baby's innocent facial expression.
What a beautiful family!!
Not only their likeness, but I also tried to portrait each faces,
healthy and strong character of the man, Laura's beautiful, intelligent female face 
and really innocent adorable face of the little boy.

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