Sunday, February 24, 2013

Homemade Donkey Easel

A donkey easel at the balcony of my gallery.
I made six of them for a couple of days by designing, measuring, cutting and screwing as well as sanding and varnishing with wood stain. It looks so simple, but a lot of labor was needed.
 I enjoyed making this a lot.
I am going to use the easels at my figure drawing class soon for the students sitting at the front row 
near the model stage.

I came up with an idea of the easels from the sit-up bench that I am using everyday to build up my six pack of abs.
Not six abs???
              Trying to ride on it, I feel like riding on a donkey back. Leo begged me to give him a ride.

I like woodworking. The garage of my house, my playground, is always filled with wood working tools and wood dust. The easels were made with two sizes of lumber, 2"x9" for top panel for sitting and 2"x3" for frames. The tools that I used were a compound miter saw, Kreg pocket hole jig,
 drill and etc.. The Kreg jig was very helpful to save time to make jonaries.
I will try to make my own plein air easel the next time. 
It'll be fun.

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