Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fall Aspen stream

Final image,  20"x40" oil on canvas

Reference photo I took in Aspen, Colorado last fall.
To make this photo image more dramatic and scenic, I changed the road into a stream and I edited the shapes, sizes and numbers of the trees for better composition.
Step 1
Just simple drawing for composition with almost geometric shapes.
Unlike figure or portrait subject, I don't usually do detail drawing on landscape in order to make enough rooms to change or correct the composition while I was painting.

Step 2
The canvas was a clear primed linen so that I needed to make initial  under-painting with the same manner as transparent watercolor wash. I made the key of values with dark green fine trees and bright sky, from darkest dark to lightest light.

Step 3
On landscape painting, I usually work on background images first. In this painting, the sky and distant mountain, where I made sure the overall value steps.

Step 4
Middle-ground was being completed. 

Step 5
Foreground plane was left to complete.

Completed in three sessions.

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